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Eastern Med, LLC. provides comprehensive occupational health services for the public and private sectors from the Mohawk Valley region into the surrounding areas of the Capital District, Hudson Valley, and North Country. From pre-employment physicals and drug and alcohol screening to the staffing of complete on-site health centers, Eastern Med supports businesses from Amsterdam and Schenectady to Oneida and Montgomery counties and their employees every step of the way, whether it's to provide a service or simply be a resource to answer a question.

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Eastern Med provides thorough pre-employment and annual physicals both at our facility and on location for multiple employees and for a variety of industries, including health care, firefighters, transportation, and corporate health. Our mission is to provide accurate and timely results to ensure that your employees are able to safely perform their job duties.

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Drug & Alcohol Testing

Our comprehensive team provides a full complement of drug testing, such as five- and ten-panel Substance Abuse Panels (SAP), hair follicle and fingernail testing, and oral swabs, both in our medical suite and at the site of an incident, with a 24 to 48-hour turnaround time. Additionally, all of our collectors are Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) certified.

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