Occupational Health Services by Industry

Eastern Med can tailor services to your specific needs and work environment. Our professional staff are knowledgeable of the occupational health needs of the healthcare, transportation, and firefighting industries as well as the needs of the corporate environment in ensuring a healthy workforce.

    Occupational Health Services for Healthcare Industries

    Eastern Med provides the health care industry and its healthcare workers with:

    • Pre-Employment physicals and Pre-Work Screens
    • Immunizations including: skin tests for TB (PPD’s), Hepatitis B, MMR, Titers
    • Post Exposure (needle sticks) evaluation and management
    • Common musculoskeletal strains, sprains, and low back injuries expertly evaluated and treated by our medical providers

      Occupational Health Services for Transportation Industries

      Eastern Med’s staff will efficiently and professionally accommodate your DOT /CDL drivers needs and see them within one day of calling for an appointment. We are very familiar with the medical clearance rules for the transportation industry and we will request a letter from your primary care physician if you have Hypertension, Type II Diabetes (not requiring insulin), Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or a significant Cardiac, or Neurological impairment. See the Forms section for medical clearance forms that you can complete and have your doctor sign.

      Some trucking firms are choosing to have Eastern Med perform a Pre-Work Screen to see if their prospective employee is physically capable of performing the job.

      Services for Transportation Industries include:

      • DOT and CDL required physicals
      • 19A drivers
      • Appointments scheduled within one day of request
      • Cost effective and competitively priced
      • Management of DOT Mandated Drug & Alcohol testings for CDL drivers

        Occupational Health Services to ensure Corporate Health

        Eastern Med is proactive in providing you with injury prevention and management for common musculoskeletal injuries experienced in office and corporate environments. Such injuries include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Overuse Syndromes like cervical strain, tennis elbow, eye strain, hand and wrist disorders. We offer a full complement of drug testing such as 5 and 10 panel Substance Abuse Panels(SAP), hair follicle testing and oral swabs as well as pre-employment and annual management or executive physicals.

        Corporate Health Services include:

        • Expert diagnosis, treatment and prevention recommendations for musculoskeletal and repetitive motion injuries by trained medical providers
        • Ergonomic assessments and corrective suggestions to alleviate painful and annoying symptoms
        • Proactive and prevention minded approach to CTD (cumulative trauma disorders) and RMI (repetitive motion injuries) issues

        Occupational Health Services for Firefighters

        We service many Fire Departments for required medical clearances. Eastern Med follows NFPA guidelines in issuing clearances to appropriate firefighter classifications. We are flexible to your scheduling needs and can do evaluations here in our occupational medical suite or if it is more convenient, bring our team to your fire house. We are competitively priced and possess significant experience in providing medical clearance to all levels of both firefighting volunteers and career fire departments.

        Services for Firefighters include:

        • Experienced staff who are knowledgeable in NFPA rules and regulations
        • Competitive pricing
        • EKG
        • PFT
        • Evaluations in our Occupational Medicine suite or at your fire department